About Us

Locally Owned, Vessel Charter for diving trips

We are a local Townsville family who love the marine environment we have surrounding our great city. We love the Reefs, swimming in creeks, fishing, camping, BBQs with friends, and of course whale watching!

After 20 years of Great Barrier Reef (GBR) operations, we began whale watching tours in 2013. They were initially from our 6m RIB’s exploring the wonders of the Palm Island Group, originally identified by our marine biologists as a whale ‘hotspot’.

Covid restrictions in 2020, continuing into the 2021 season created change. We then utilised the larger vessel Kalinda, which allows social distancing, directly out of Townsville. We were amazed with the variety and diversity of marine life were able to encounter, with Whales spotted as frequently as in the Palms.

Our feedback encouraged us to continue this tour in 2021, with Dave at the helm, wife Joanna dishing up delights in the Galley for lunch, Alex as super decky and 6 year old Lochie doing his whale call to summon up the behemoths of the deep, it is totally a local family affair.

Michael will be out in the super fast spotter boat, putting us on the spot every time, whilst Georgie and friends are on deck anytime to talk anything whale with you.

See you on the water.

Kalinda - Diving Tours


Kalinda Affordable Charters Group has been operating on the Great Barrier Reef for over 20 years’.

Eco Tourism

Our company has a strong focus towards Eco Tourism, safety and most of all having a fantastic time in the water.

Marine Biologists

All our skippers and guides are Marine Biologists whose passion is to share their extensive knowledge of the GBR and marine diversity with you.